Andrey Polyakov

Each company has its own story. Ours began in 1985. On the other hand, the roots of this story date back to the 1970s and involve one person, without whom it is impossible to imagine our present and future. This person is me, Andrey Polyakov, born in Minsk, BY, quite a long time ago.

I started assembling the first guitars and pickups made of radio earcups at the age of 12. Fortunately, from birth I have grown hands where I need to be and a head open to good ideas.

After graduating from school, I got a degree in Radio Electronics, which I finished as an Engineer-Designer of radio electronic devices with a master’s thesis “Design and implementation of the Electric Guitar”.

During my studies in 1985, together with my friend Andrey Rumiantsev, I founded a guitar company called “POLARUM GUITARS CUSTOM SHOP”.

Since then, we have been constantly developing, thanks to which we are experts in the guitar industry.

Our guitars 1995-1991